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There's no denying that smartphone cameras are getting better and better. It kind of seems like improved cameras are the only major update anymore when a new model is announced. Thinking back to my first Blackberry, and how awful that camera was, it's amazing how far cellphone cameras have come in the past few years.


But how good are they? Not only have I heard of people shooting entire weddings on their smartphone, but I've heard some people say that there's no reason to even hire a professional photographer anymore. When I heard this, I knew it wouldn't be hard to prove this idea wrong, and decided to do a quick, side by side, DSLR vs iPhone, comparison post. 


Below are two photos. One is from my Nikon D750, and the other is from my iPhone 6s. I'm not going to tell you which is which until after the photos. I'm guessing it won't be hard for you to figure out which is which...

Copyright Dan Pomykalski If you guessed the first photo was from the DSLR and the second photo was from the smartphone, you were correct. It's blatantly obvious. I probably shouldn't have been, but I was somewhat shocked at how much of a difference there was between the two.


I tried to do a little work on the iPhone file to try to get it a little closer to the D750 file, but I think it just made things worse...

The TIE Fighter doesn't look as bad, but the background looks absolutely atrocious. 


I shot the first photo from my DSLR with a 24mm to try to get a similar angle of view to the iPhone. This next photo I shot with my 85mm, which is probably the lens I would have normally used.


Copyright Dan Pomykalski These photos were shot in my office, which doesn't have very good lighting and the subject was also backlit. The difference between the iPhone and DSLR probably wouldn't have been as noticeable outside in a well-lit setting, but I'm pretty confident the differences would still be there. 


Some of you may be saying, "but Dan, you're using the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 is out and has a better camera." 


While this is true, the iPhone's photo is so far from the D750's that the iPhone 7's camera would have to be impossibly better to even come close to the D750. 


Some of you may be wondering why there's such an obvious difference. Some of you may think it's megapixels, but the biggest factor is sensor size. Generally, a bigger sensor means better overall image quality. The D750 has a full-frame sensor, which is 36x24mm while the iPhone's sensor is 4.8x3.6mm. For those of you who benefit from visuals, here's a page I found with a pretty good graphic: click here.




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