Proposal Photo Recap

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One of my favorite types of photos to shoot are of people proposing, which is why I'm really happy that this session ended up happening.


Geoff had contacted me about a week before he planned to propose to his girlfriend, and asked me if I was available to shoot it. This shoot would be right at the end of the first* incredibly busy week in October for me, so after telling Geoff I'd be available, I sent him another email asking if he had been in contact with any other photographers. Shoots like this take an immense amount of planning to pull off, especially if you've never met/seen the people before. Based on my schedule, I wasn't feeling too confident that I'd be able to commit the amount of time required to pull this shoot off. Instead of possibly messing this up, I suggested the idea of Geoff going with someone else. Geoff wouldn't take "no" for an answer though, and remained persistent. With the help of Google Maps, we were able to figure out all of the details through email.


Everything ended up working out, the photos turned out well, and Geoff and his fiancee were both incredibly nice. Once it was actually the day of the shoot, and especially after the photos, I was really glad the session ended up working out. These types of shoots are always really fun because everyone is always so happy afterwards. The only negative thing about this shoot is they happened a little later than I was hoping. We had originally planned on 6 pm, but the photos didn't actually happened until around 6:45 pm, so there wasn't a ton of available light anymore. It wasn't a huge deal though, and the photos still turned out well. 


Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot:

Copyright Dan Pomykalski Copyright Dan Pomykalski Copyright Dan Pomykalski


*This past week was also incredibly busy. I passed my record for sessions in a month this past month, so I'll be doing October-session-recap posts for a while...


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